HTML5 Audio Test of Browser Dependence on Media Filename - Part 2

This is a followup to an earlier test in which I found that Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are dependent on filename extension to determine the media type of HTML5 audio source files. I thought I'd try an experiment:

  1. Create a PHP file that serves up audio source files, with appropriate headers for their MIME type (the goal being to hide the original source URLs)
  2. Rename the PHP file with an extension that browsers will recognize as a media file (ogg and mp3)
  3. Use the AddType command in an .htaccess file on the server to cause PHP to parse ogg and mp3 files in the directory in which the stealth PHP files reside

Here goes...


  1. IE9 plays the MP3 file perfectly!
  2. Opera 11.52 plays the OGG file perfectly!
  3. All other browsers play the file (tested Firefox 8.0.1, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 15, all on Mac OS). However, they all are confused by it. They're not getting the proper meta data (e.g., duration), so scrubbing ahead doesn't work.