Bye Bye Blogger!

In May 2010 I gave some serious thought to moving this blog to WordPress, but doing so wasn't easy and I stopped short. Now, over fifteen months later, I've finally made the move, inspired in part by my learning that some users were unable to post comments. In looking into this problem, I discovered a variety of problems with Blogger's comment form, including accessibility failures and Javascript errors. I didn't bother trying to get to the bottom of these problems, because I knew if I had done so, it would be next to impossible to get my feedback to the right person at Google who could, and would, right the wrong. So, I took another look at WordPress, and was impressed! The current version of WordPress (version 3.2.1) now comes with a great default theme, Twenty Eleven, which is written in HTML5, has pretty good overall structure, and uses ARIA extensively throughout the site. All I had to do to get up and running was tweak the style sheet. Before doing that though, I needed to be sure I could successfully move all my Blogger content. That had been the show stopper in my previous attempt, but this time it was simple.
An arrow points from a Blogger icon to a WordPress icon
Wordpress now includes a Blogger Importer plugin. In the WordPress admin site, just go to Tools > Import, or you can download it directly. Unlike the last time I tried this, there were no complications at all. After launching the plugin, I just had to sign in to my Blogger account, select my blog, and click a button, and in seconds all my content, including all comments, was in WordPress, where you're reading it now.

Welcome to my new improved blog!

Please update your bookmarks and your RSS subscription. And if you've been unable to post comments in the past, please try again!

2 comments on “Bye Bye Blogger!

  1. Hi Terrill, just a quick question please - where are the updated RSS feeds located? I'm trying to update my google reader to point towards the new blog. Thanks 🙂