Contemplating Risk

I won't bore you with clich├ęs about the relationship between risk and living a full life, but I stumbled across these old photos recently and thought they could express this relationship much better than words.

(Note: These images are described at the bottom of this post, but the description isn't words, it's pictures, rendered non-visually for folks who are unable to see the images).

Boy Contemplating Risk

Boy stands beside a danger sign, contemplating risk


Boy and his dad happily embrace the risk, despite the danger sign

Photo Descriptions

The first photo shows my son Noah, age four at the time, seemingly deep in thought as he contemplates the meaning of the large sign that he's standing next to in the forest. The sign reads: "WARNING This area contains hazards associated with water, rocks, and cliff faces. Serious injury or death possible."

The second photo shows my son Noah (and his dad), a short while later, precariously positioned inside a natural window high atop a steep rock face, our faces aglow with satisfaction and accomplishment.

For more about describing pictures for those who can't see them see my earlier blog post on Long Descriptions of Images.

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