Updated April 29, 2024

This page was formerly called Projects, but I like the immediacy of Now. I’m a strong believer in living fully immersed in this moment, so it’s only natural that I would sign on to the growing Now movement: See other Now supporters on In this moment, I’m breathing, thinking, and writing the content that you now are reading. But not long before or after this moment, I was or will be fully engaged in one of the following activities.

Accessible Technology at the UW

I’m fortunate to love my day job, working with a great group of people doing great work at the University of Washington. Some of the projects I’m involved with include:

Able Player

Able Player is a fully accessible, open source, cross-browser media player that uses the HTML5 media API. It’s the only media player that supports all five kinds of HTML5 <track> elements (captions, subtitles, descriptions, chapters, and metadata). It also features a highly flexible interactive transcript feature, supports synchronized sign language, can be used for playing YouTube and Vimeo videos, and has countless other incredibly cool features. For details check out Able Player on GitHub.


I’m best able to truly experience Now when I’m making music, so I try to do that as often as possible. I’ve released three albums, which you can explore via my Music page.


I reside in beautiful Cascadia, where old growth forests and glacial mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. Whenever possible I try to unplug and embrace my natural surroundings. I’m a proud and active member of The Mountaineers (founded in 1906), Mount Baker Club (founded in 1911), and Whatcom Association of Kayak Enthusiasts (WAKE).


The world has many problems, and wherever there are problems there are (a) solutions, and (b) people working toward finding and implementing those solutions. None of us can fix the world alone, but we can all support each other. I’m currently a proud supporter of the following organizations: