Ain’t Got No (Ain’t No) Got No

This was one of my favorite tunes from February Album Writing Month ( in 2012.

It’s a zen blues singalong tune. It all started with the first lyric: “I ain’t got no time”, which was very true, and I was feeling that in a big way. That one phrase led to another, and before I knew it I had worked myself into a rockin’ blues frenzy. It was the first song I posted to the FAWM site that year, and I invited others to singalong, and they did! Fawmers @skullcrush, @max, @brownium, @downburst, and @errol all sent me recordings of themselves singing to my tune, so I created a remix that included their voices. This really turned out awesome. I love the huge sound at the end, plus collaborating with others is really what FAWM is all about.