I wasn’t sure whether to title this song “Angry” or “Not Angry”. If
in doubt, I usually go with the option that has the fewest words.

Someday soon I plan to add the original version to this page so you can enjoy my creative process. There were a couple of features that were ultimately edited out. The first to go was an aggressive vocal version of the chorus at
about 4:00. You can still hear the intensity picking up. Just imagine me
shouting “I’m not angry now” in a really angry-sounding voice. I
enjoyed the irony of that, but ultimately I figured that was a little
too fun for a song that really isn’t supposed to be fun.

A second feature was a car crash in vivid stereo. I fell in love with that sound effect, and once I had plugged it into the mix I had a hard time parting with it. I polled several people whose opinions I trust. Most felt that the song stands on its own merit, and the sound effect is unnecessary, if not gimmicky and distracting. However, there were a few people who liked it, which reinforced my attachment to it right up until the end. Just in case, I brought two versions to my mastering session with Tim Brown of Actual Air Recording. One version included the crash, and the other didn’t. I had Tim listen to the crash-version first, and he laughed and said he loved it. This wasn’t intended to be a funny song. Tim’s laughter convinced me that the car crash would have to go.


I was driving home late last week
looking forward to gettin home to sleep
when out of nowhere to my right
I saw a car speeding towards me

And that moment seemed like an hour
I could see the face of the driver
she had a look of panic in her eyes
then I felt the pain of impact

I wondered whether she was ok 
and I wondered what was on her mind 
She must have felt terrible
I hoped that I could help her

And I didn't get angry then 
and I'm not angry now
cause getting angry don't do no good
It don't solve any problems


I met a kid downtown today
seemed to think I was in his way
he gave me a shove
and he put a gun to my head

And he said hey man
what you think you're doing in my town 
I guess he thought that he was quite a clown
and I looked into his frown

And I wondered what made him that way
Did he have a mom and dad who loved him?
Did he have a dream 
of what he wanted to be someday?

And I didn't get angry then 
and I'm not angry now
cause getting angry don't do no good
It don't solve any problems


I heard about a kid in Afghanistan
just surviving any way he can 
in a dried up, desert land
where there's not a lot of prospects

His only goal was to become a man
so they knelt down in front of him 
and explained to him of evil 
and they taught him how to drive a van

And I wondered what made him that way
could we have somehow made him different?
Could we give him a dream 
of what he might be someday?

But I didn't get angry then 
and I'm not angry now
cause getting angry don't do no good
There's better ways to solve problems


What would you have been feeling then? 
What are you feeling now? 
Do I make you angry? 
or do I make you smile? 

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