PHP 7.0 Alpha

This song is my anthem for the 99%. The “PHP” of the title is an acronym standing for “People Helping People”. I chose that title though because at the time of its release the PHP programming language was still on version 5.x, and I envisioned a day when the title would be great for search engine optimization. That bit of trickery actually seemed to work. This song had a spike of interest around 2014-15, presumably from people who stumbled across it when they were looking for something else.


The sun is slowly rising on another day
The sky is saturated by dream-like colors
I brush my morning breath away
run a comb through my hair
and merge onto the packed highway
on my way to make a dollar.

And all the day I'm slaving, sweating, and thinking
about people right now, today
reading the want ads and drinking.
And in some high rise office,
a suit-clad CEO
is working on his putting green

while down here in this hole
we are slaving, sweating, and thinking
slaving, sweating, and thinking
slaving, sweating, and thinking
about life in the 21st century
when all people should be free
and profitability is measured by just one thing...

And that's:

People Helping People!

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