This song evolved considerably from its original inception. I had all the material in place, but kept finding new, better ways to mix it. Even the title evolved from “Koan Song” to “Ango”, before I finally settled on “Religion” (after which, one reviewer suggested that I rename it “FREE!”) The song is not intended necessarily to be political or religious commentary, though admittedly some of both may have crept in. After all, it was conceived and recorded in February 2009, when much of the United States, myself included, was rejoicing in the promise of a new president. Barack Obama’s words in the song were taken from his inaugural address. The passing of the presidential torch marked a new era for our country, but also for me as an artist, since after eight years of Bush rule I finally felt I could distance myself from my previous musical project, Morality Rock (music inspired by the subliminal backward messages in the speeches of George W. Bush). Religion was my first recording in the post-Bush, post-MoralityRock era.

But again, this wasn’t about politics. My original purpose was simply to document what happens internally when I sit silently for a while. The outcome? My silence tends to be filled with peace, love, anger, confusion, religion, politics, noise, and beauty.

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