Counting down to FAWM 2011

February is international Album Writing Month, hence the acronym FAWM, as in, one of two web communities that I know of (the other is The RPM Challenge) where songwriters and musicians assemble each February to crank out a bunch of fresh new tunes, share ideas and demos, and generally support one another and have a great time.

For the past two years, I’ve participated in both of these communities, and I compared the two in a post on my other blog titled FAWM, RPM Challenge, and Man With Small F.

In 2011, I may once again participate in both communities, but I’ve taken a slightly stronger liking to FAWM because it has a much more intuitive user interface, allows users to comment on specific songs, and provides motivation to assure that all songs receive some feedback (those that haven’t are flagged as zongs until someone comments). That said, there are great people in both communities, and I’m looking forward to sharing my music, and soaking up theirs. It’s always a fun, inspiring month of music making.

I’ll post an update here at some point, but if you’d the play-by-play on what I’m up to musically throughout the month, check out my home pages in either community: