I wasn’t sure whether to title this song “Angry” or “Not Angry”. If in doubt, I usually go with the option that has the fewest words.

The original version to this recording is still on my hard drive somewhere. There were a couple of features that were ultimately edited out. The first to go was an aggressive vocal version of the chorus at about 4:00. You can still hear the intensity picking up. Just imagine me shouting “I’m not angry now” in a really angry-sounding voice. I enjoyed the irony of that, but ultimately I figured that was a little too fun for a song that really isn’t supposed to be fun.

A second feature was a car crash in vivid stereo. I fell in love with that sound effect, and once I had plugged it into the mix I had a hard time parting with it. I polled several people whose opinions I trust. Most felt that the song stands on its own merit, and the sound effect is unnecessary, if not gimmicky and distracting. However, there were a few people who liked it, which reinforced my attachment to it right up until the end. Just in case, I brought two versions to my mastering session with Tim Brown of Actual Air Recording. One version included the crash, and the other didn’t. I had Tim listen to the crash-version first, and he laughed and said he loved it. This wasn’t intended to be a funny song. Tim’s laughter convinced me that the car crash would have to go.

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