Still Life With Clocks

Originally I considered releasing Still Life With Clocks on a CD by itself, but ultimately I came to appreciate the contribution it could make to Everything and More. This is an emotional 30 minute meditation on life, death, and the relentless passing of time. It was recorded in a single take, shortly after I learned that my mother had passed away on Valentines Day 2010. Prior to her passing I had become acutely aware of time, and had started using my iPhone to collect audio samples of clocks, timers, rain drops, and other ambient sounds that tick away the moments of our lives. I assembled them all into a 35-minute montage (which later was trimmed to 30), then played it back and improvised over top. More than words, the guitar is my preferred mode of expression, and in this session my instrument speaks very articulately of the full range of emotions I was experiencing at that time.

Cover art features several grandfather clocks standing lurking like tombstones in a fog-shrouded graveyard

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