Free Ring Tones

This page features a couple of free ring tones from my Flow Theory Flavors CD. I created them to use on my own phone, and I’ll be thrilled if I hear them on your phone too.

To use these ring tones, just right click on the the appropriate file for your phone type, save it to your computer’s hard drive, sync it with your phone, and ask someone to call you. If you’re not using an iPhone and your phone doesn’t support MP3 ringtones, there are dozens of free MP3 ringtone converters available online for all phone types. Just do a Google search for "MP3 ringtone converter"

Zen Bell Ringtone

Traditionally this bell sounds three times to start a period of zazen. It also sounds three times to start Religion, the opening track on my Flow Theory – Flavors CD. Unlike most ringtones, which tend to startle and agitate, the zen bell ringtone gently reminds you that you are here in this moment, with a ringing phone, and upon answering you will probably treat the caller with sincerity and kindness.

Man With Small F Ringtone

Man with Small F (The Inaccessible PDF Song), and this ringtone derived from it, provides an opportunity to spread the word about web and PDF accessibility. Your phone rings. People around you ask "What the heck is that?" And you explain to them that unless web sites and electronic documents are designed appropriately, this is what they sound like to people who are blind.

6 replies on “Free Ring Tones”

LOVE this zen bell for my new phone. Thank you. Exactly the calm thing I need in my life. Thank you x 100

I love the tone but I must be some kind of dumb! I download it, add it to my iTunes library. It doesn’t get added. I’ve tried other m4a files and can’t get them to work because I cannot change the ext to m4r. File Explorer doesn’t allow me to change these files extensions. Any help would be great!

IÔÇÖm trying now also. I think you have to save it to your iTunes then when choosing ring tone select pick a song

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